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Monday, June 06, 2005

A Message From Nikster

Nikster here again.

Hello. I'm eight years old. I'm a bit spooky and not always the best riding horse. But I'm learning to play fetch; I come when I'm called; and I respond to loads of "at liberty" commands (like Shadowfax from "Lord of the Rings"). I'm often a big ham.

Every years thousand of horses just like me are sent to a cruel death, packed in tiny cattle trailer, for 10 hours or more with no food or water, destined for an inhumane death at a slaughterhouse. These horses' only crime? Being sold to the wrong person. Most are healthy; most well-trained (better than me.) Their destiny? Fancy meals for rich people in Europe and Asia.

Me and my buddies need your help. Here are the details from the Humane Society:
Now we need your help again to protect thousands of our domestic horses -- our loyal and trusted companions -- who are at grave risk, every day. We cannot let this continue. Take action today.

Congress will be taking another critical vote on horse protection. Representatives John Sweeney (R-NY) and John Spratt (D-SC) plan to offer an amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill to ensure that tax dollars are no longer used to allow the slaughter of horses. We expect the vote to occur on Wednesday, June 8 or Thursday, June 9. We don't have much time to reach all the Representatives in Congress and secure their votes for the Sweeney-Spratt amendment.

1. Take action. Contact your U.S. Representative and urge him or her to vote YES on the "Sweeney-Spratt horse slaughter amendment." Click here to contact your Representative now:

2. Make a call. The vote on this amendment is expected to be on June 8 or Thursday, June 9. Please take a moment to make a short phone call urging your Representative to vote YES on the Sweeney-Spratt horse slaughter amendment. (Not sure what to say?
Click here:Linky)

3. Spread the word. Every single U.S. Representative needs to hear from constituents who care about animals. Ask your friends and family to call their Representatives as well. Click here to tell five friends to take action now:
to help stop this inhumane slaughter for foreign meat markets.

The last step requires you to sign up for the HS mailing list. If coming here through Blogger (as opposed to LJ feed), you can use the mail option below, instead.

Thank you. And to everyone who called their reps about the wild horse slaughter bill, extra thanks and horsy kisses.

H.R.H., The Nikster


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