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Monday, May 02, 2005

Greyhounds Aren't Dogs, Darwin Lied...

Oh, and the Earth is flat.

Well, that's where things are going in Kansas. Debating evolution? What next, tackling the Man landed on the Moon conspiracy? A Twenty-first Century Inquisition? Yee-haw! Get out the rack and thumbscrews!

Almost makes me glad to live in Nuevo Mexico.

And the Rich Get Fat...
According to this, it isn't just the poor who are slurping down fast food and abstaining from veggies. While it's easy to see why a resident of the mean streets might not go jogging, what's affluent America's excuse?

Got a "...well-written and characters are compelling...but already have too many vampire stories" rejection from Three-lobed Burning Eye. Oh, well, with a couple of recent acceptances, I can take rejection a little better. (Unfortunately, the acceptance afterglow only lasts so long.)

Gonna send Chapter Two of Pinocchio in Reverse (or whatever its title is this week) to Kristin for the weekly critique/discussion thing. Am working up a chapter by chapter outline of what I've done so far. Hopefully, this will allow me to be a "normal" writer and outline the rest. I'd like to have this done by Wed. so I can shoot my ideas at Kristin.

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