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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pretty Flowers and Killing Ewoks

The irises are blooming (click on pic for closer view)

Perky Sues, a water-thrifty little plant, complements (purchased via gift certificate) of friends Sharon and Joe.

Star Wars: Battlefront...
The J-man and I rented the game "Star Wars: Battlefront" (X Box) this weekend. We decided to try it before we buy it. Anyway, it's loads of fun. We ran through the historical campaigns, which includes battles from both canons. In one instant you might play as a droid fighting the Gungans (Yeah, I enjoyed gunning down Gungans, pretending each was Jar Jar Binks), in another you might be a member of the Republic, fighting alongside Mace Windoo. It looks like one of campaigns lets you play as an Imperial stormstrooper and mow down Ewoks.

V. cool.

Funny Headline...
Tailgate Blamed for Finger in Chili Claim. There's so much here I don't even know where to begin. Hee.

"Authorities believe the injured man gave the finger to Plascencia."

So many possibilities in that sentence. Giggle.

Enjoy your Sunday (or hate your Monday).

Pat K.


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