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Friday, February 02, 2007

Cockfighting is for Thugs

Made the mistake of peeking at the Albuquerque Journal (the local right wing rag, masquerading as journalism). Anyhoo, both Bill Richardson and the Catholic Church are supporting this year's attempt to ban cock fighting. And sadly no, despite the name, it isn't two well-oiled, naked men wrestling. It is the ritual evisceration of one rooster by another, in a ring, surrounded by society's worst excuses for humanity.

Anyhow, the article pulled out the usual malcontents, I mean supporters of cockfighting, who put forth the usual stunningly stupid arguments for the practice. E.g., it's a Hispanic tradition and attempts to ban it are racist. Ugh. Koudos to author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, who points out that it is no part of her tradition or her son's.

Another argument, from yet another mental midget, was that banning it would only drive it underground. I.e., "we're going to do it anyway." Ah, way to go, dipshit. Proclaim that you plan on breaking the law. Rather in keeping with the demographic, I'd say. After all, supporters of cockfighting invariably look like familiar faces on Most Wanted Posters or from a Perp Walk on the evening news.

The Jiff award--It's the Nuttiest!--award goes to some representative from some armpit corner of New Mexico. Banning cockfighting, he argues, would lead to banning rodeos, hunting and fishing. If this asshat would stop sipping the wacky Cool Aid, he might notice that in every state where cockfighting is illegal, hunting, rodeos and fishing are still flourishing.

This of course, is the same twisty, wingnut logic that states that "If we let Teh Gays marry, what next? People will be marrying animals." Er, no sorry Bubba, although, there's not telling what you twits in those lonely corners of New Mexico are shagging. Slap a Toby Keith CD in the player and get bizy with the livestock, eh?

Anyway, methinks I need to get on the ball and write an email to the Governor (i.e., he who wants to be the next Preznit, but, hey why not, at least he's not teh sHrillary.)(/rant off)

Cheers, P.K.

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