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Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Horse Blogging, Baby Nik

Because there is entirely too much cat blogging...

Nikster the Wonder Horse as a child. Scanned from an old photo. Somewhere I have a wobbly newborn picture of him, but I can't find it.

Here he is with his equine family, from left-- Daddy, Momma and Nik. His silly parrot lip, donkey ears and ridiculous long neck are already apparent.

Eight years later, the adult version, waiting by the fence, pawing because pictures are stoopid. "Where's my lunch?"

Nik is overreactive, prone to bouts of hyperactivity followed by crushing laziness, moody and hates being told what to do.

In short, he's me, if I were a horse.

For those frittering away time in a boring job, the latest cartoon reads:
*Reveiller--charming drawings and a cute story line. A changeling tries to get home to the land of Fairy.
*The Curious Adventures of Aldus Maycombe--A very new webcomic, so great for those who don't want to do a lot of catchup. Lovely black and white drawings and graceful linework. So new, I'm not sure what it's about, but it has a vague steampunk look.
*Sentimental Horde--A kobold chef/magician who cooks fairy cake (Now with more fairies!), a womanizing hobgoblin, and a disgruntled goblin. Spare, effective linework, lots of LOL humor.

Happy long weekend!


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