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Monday, April 10, 2006

Greenish Thumb

Saw a harbinger of spring--the first turkey buzzard.

Last year some of our flower beds looked like the one shown, all nice and Better Homes and Gardens. Currently, that flower bed is a mass of pink pea gravel spotted with a few mounds of green. Serious flowers are about a month away.

The last three days were spent in the throes of more manic energy, driven by hatred of my neighbors. The cool thing about all that energy is that I got a lot done. Besides cleaning up almost all the flower beds, replacing gravel mulch and crusher fines on pathways, clearing brush, the J-Man and I got in the first section of the Great Wooden Fence of Kirby. The Great Fence will eventually block our view of our cognitively impaired (oh, heck, why be P.C.?--They're Retarded) neighbors. The first section protects Nikster the Wonder Horse from their idiot dog. (Actually, the dog is the smartest member of that family.)

I have, however, gotten no writing done. Or drawing for that matter. Fortunately, the creative monster is starting to awaken in my head. (I have a Muse, but she's a lazy bitch and sits on her ass all day eating chips and salsa.)



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