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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Flowers

Ah, the good old days.

When Mother's Day rolled around, you could get yourself a box of macaroni, some Elmer's Glue and gold paint. Slap the ingredients together for a lovely ashtray for dear Mum, even if she didn't smoke. Mother would look at your objec d'art and stammer, "It's a beautiful...er...shade of gold."

(Years later, when she's cleaning out the garage, you'll catch her tossing the masterpiece in the trash. "But that was your Mother's Day gift. You don't need a gold, macaroni ashtray anymore?" Mom will cringe and say, "Oh, an ashtray. I thought it was a paperweight.")

Or there was the breakfast in bed option. Mix enough batter for three dozen pancakes. Make about four pancakes. Leave the mess for Mom to clean up.

(Okay, so I never progressed beyond the artwork phase. To this day, I still don't cook.)

The point is, after a few...ahem...decades, I'm fresh out of Mother's Day ideas. My mother lives in another state, so ye ole wine and dine'r option is out. I did get a gift--last week--but it just went in the mail Friday. So, er, your gift is on the way, Mom. But it'll be a tad late.

Think of it as extra early for Mother's Day 2007!

In lieu of a timely gift here are some photos. First, the flower bed where the wind-beaten irises live. Yesterday, I jammed a metal stake in the ground--and the ground screamed--and roped them all together. Now they're leaning against each other like drunken lacrosse players in search of a hooker to assault. Other plantlife (flowering) includes: May Night Salvia (dark purple), Jupiter Beard (red), Moonshine Yarrow (yellow), and Blue Catmint (blue, duh).

Up next is a view of the rock garden looking south. The pink flowers are Persian Stonecress. The little yellow mounds are Dwarf Sundrops. The color red is contributed by a volunteer Jupiter's Beard that sprang up between the rocks. Not flowering--I don't think it does--is a Dragon's Blood sedum. Natalie, the world's ugliest plant is also in the shot, but looking more like dead sticks than a plant, is hard to find in the shot. One of the J-Man's iron butterflies gets some screen time.

Finally, the rock garden from the opposite side, looking north. The tiles are part of the banco (bench) that makes up part of the structure. Again, Persian Stonecress and Dwarf Sundrops are present. In the background, is another flower bed, with Chocolate Flower (yellow), Mat Daisy (yellow), Salvia Plumarosa (purple) and Spanish Broom(yellow, bush) flowering.

Happy Day all you Mums!


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