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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Duck Washer

The new dishwasher has a really cool feature!

Not only does it clean dishes without sounding like a jet taking off, but it has a pre-washer. An extra at no extra cost. The pre-washer, below, is equipped with a scrubbing beard for reaching deep into glassware.

Ah, technology.

J-MAN: "Look at your little dog."
ME: "Cute. Where's the camera?"
J-MAN: [sighs] "You let her get away with everything."
ME: "But she's old."

The washer's instructions doubled as language lessons--French, Spanish, English. And on the box was the word "lavaplatos." As J-man installed our spiffy new contraption, I danced around singing, "We have a brand new lavaplatos, doo-dah, doo-dah." Eventually, I garbled the Spanish and it became "lavapato," a duck washer.

In the instructions there is an admonition not to use the appliance for anything except its intended use. Perhaps this is aimed at dyslexic Spanish speakers who might need to clean a waterfowl?

Friday, yay!
P. Kirby


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