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Friday, February 03, 2006

It's Not On The Menu

Nikster the Wonder Horse says, "I have a home for life, but many of my buddies aren't so lucky. And my wild (feral) compadres are even less fortunate. Please help."

Nik's friends are again in danger, thanks to sneaky Republican tactics.

Defying both a popular mandate and a legislative ban, US Department of Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns is taking a cue from "the man who wears the spurs" as Conrad Burns calls Bush, and seriously considering a stealth petition presented by the three foreign-owned horse slaughterhouses in this country (two in Texas, one in Illinois) to keep the plants open.

Interesting that one of the main consumers of American horsemeat are the French, a nation reviled by the Right. And here we are tossing a bone, as it were, to them.

More information on the Horse Slaughter Issue can be found at the Humane Society of the United States.

Horse slaughter facts.

This issue is not up for debate or discussion on this blog. If you wish to defend the Chimperor and his ilk, do so on your own blog. My blog, my rules.


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