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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Horse Pedicure

What I have to look forward to today...

1. Gather up tools: rasp, hoof knife, nippers, and gloves.
2. Decide that gloves are for wimps.
3. Head out into 100-degree day. High in the blue New Mexico sky, a turkey vulture rides the thermals.
4. Get horse; start the trim with hoof knife. Halfway through process, horse gets bored and takes back foot. Cut hand with knife.
5. Staunch bleeding. Move on to work with nippers.
6. Half way through the process, horse gets bored and takes back foot. Cut hand with nippers.
7. Staunch bleeding. Feeling dizzy. Turkey vulture seems to be losing altitude.
8. Frown at horse. Ponder stance on horse slaughter. At 1100 pounds, horse aughta be worth something.
9. Move on to work with rasp. Smooth off all the rough edges on horse's hooves. Smooth skin off knuckles. Look! Shiny, white bone.
10. Finally put gloves on. Good news. Gloves slide easily onto blood-lubricated hands.
11. Very dizzy. Confused. What's up with this enormous red dog?
12. Collapse in bloody puddle. Look! The big birdy had landed...

One horse for sale, as-is, hooves may need some work.


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