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Friday, August 06, 2010

Equine Pedicure 101

Accomplished today:

Both lawns mowed and the horse's feed are trimmed. The latter accomplished with no bloodshed on the part of human or equine.

Usually, the Wonder Horse squirms, the nippers or knife slips and somebody--me usually--bleeds.

Today when he started squirming, I said, "Keep it up and I'm painting your hooves with sparkly, purple nail polish and putting matching bows in your mane and tail."

He stopped squirming. (For a second.)

The real trick. I filled his feeder with hay, chopped carrots and alfalfa pellets. He ate. I hacked away at his feet.

Most horse trainers would probably grumble that I was bribing my horse for good behavior. Whot-evah! I could waste hours dealing with a training issue in the hot, sticky heat. Or I could do this.

Pick your battles.

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