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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Persistence of Filth

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A couple days after getting the full beauty treatment--washed, dried and fluffed--the Rat Dog was filthy again. This time around, it wasn't her natural propensity for filth, but rather The Greyhound.

He peed on her.

Weird sighthound kink? I dunno.

And parents...you know how "silence" is the sound of impending disaster? The kids are playing noisely in the next room and then suddenly silence. You cringe, wondering who just set the house on fire.

The opposite is true with pets. Silent dogs are good dogs. The worst sound is the jingle of dog tags. Typical scenario: I'm working in the office and The Hound and Rat are snoozing in the living room. Tags jingle. I ignore it, thinking someone is scratching. It keeps up. After a few minutes comes the obligatory, "What the hell are you doing in there!"

If the Hound is the culprit, silence ensues. The Rat is going deaf, so she might keep up the mischief. What sort of mischief? Well, the Greyhound might forget I'm home and think, "While I'm up, maybe I'll wizz on the couch." The Rat Dog is most likely making a nest in the sofa cushions. She gets into it, little front legs churning, claws snagging fabric and sending stuffing skyward.

Since we are hosting Christmas this year, I'd like to avoid a duct-taped couch that smells like a whino used it as a toilet.

Pets. Sigh.

Friday, yippee!


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