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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Darn, Now I Have To Vaccum

Yesterday, I caught my get-out-of-housework excuse. The day before, the J-man had seen a little whiptail lizard dart behind our bed. The little buggers come into the house through the garage, trying to find warmth.

He searched but couldn't find it. So I announced that henceforth all vacuuming would be suspended because I wouldn't want to suck the critter to a dusty death. Husband thought this was a cheesy excuse to get out of cleaning.

I was type-typing away yesterday, when something darted under my chair. I turned and saw it was the little reptile. It tried to hide under a pile of CDs, but its hindquarters were sticking out in full view.

So I captured the beastie and subjected it to a photo session. Cute, no? (Oh, come on. It's totally harmless.) I freed it outside, where it can dig a proper burrow and snooze through winter.

Proudly announced the capture to J-man, realizing too late the flaw in my hubris. Now I've gotta clean house. Crap.



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