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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Little Drummer Horse and Other Stories From the Hood

Nikster the Wonder Horse aspires for a career in the music industry. Every night he practices, drumming his hooves against his metal feeder. Longtime readers probably know that I have given up on stopping him. Short of a hoof-ectomy, there's not much I can do about it.

Several neighbors' dogs bark all night, so screw the neighborhood. And on the one side, another neighbor has installed ugly floodlights on all corners of his uglier home addition. The lights are motion or noise activated and come on anytime the wind blows or a rabbit farts.

At night, it's like Stalag 13 over there. Any day I expect Hogan and the rest of his Heroes to pop out of a hole in the ground, tunneling for freedom from Colonel Klink.

Keeping with the prison camp theme, wacky-fun neigbors recently acquired a German Shepherd puppy. Oh, goody. Another barking dog, this one with a proclivity for ripping arms off. It's been pooping over by our side of the fence.

I'm retaliating with horseshit. My goal: a six-foot wall of horse excreta between us and them. We New Mexicans are an inventive sort. We'll make a wall (house) out of anything--tires, water bottles, straw bales. I can't afford a proper adobe wall, so I'm using what's at hand. Nikster's more than willing to oblige. In a few months, I'll wire and stucco my creation: Great Wall of Kirby.

I'm thinking turrets and gun towers. Nik will beat the drums of war.

Even with time wasted on this blog, surfing other blogs, and reading web comics, I still got to 1800 2000 words. Another 1200 on Monday too.

Happy...where are we?...Wednesday.



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