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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ratbeard the Filthy

You know the house is a disaster when the dog picks up rubbish in its fur.

Saturday, the Rat Dog's beard picked up a dryer sheet. Perhaps she wanted to be Downy fresh.

It's no wonder, really, since her little beard and mustache were crusted with dog food and fish hooks had formed at the tips. On Sunday, her face snagged a herd of dust bunnies.

Ultimately, I had no choice. I washed the dog. As long as she isn't scooping up garbage, I can ignore the house.

Other Stuff...
I need to get loads of writing and a critique done today. Also, on the agenda: worm Nikster the Wonder Horse. On the plus side, he won't speak to me for a day after worming, so I'm absolved of horse training for the day.

I'm staying off the Internet, lest politics get my blood boiling and evaporate all my creative juices.

If you're looking for a time waster, here's a link to a Fat Girl dolly maker.

Have a terrif Tuesday.
Pat K.


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