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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Momma's Boy

The Nikster shuns fame.

Unless he's working on the lunge line or in the round pen, Nik thinks he should be at my side. No problem, except when I'd like to take photos. Small compared to some horses, Nik still fills up the frame when only a couple of feet away. Here, he's showing off his "be nice" posture and making faces (his upper lip is sticking out farther than it normally does). The sleepy look is thanks to a fly that braved the repellant to land in the corner of his eye.

(J-man snarks: "He wants his mommy.")

He ground ties--horse equivalent of "stay"--but doesn't understand the concept if not wearing a halter or bridle.

And...when doing at liberty, clicker sessions, he gets so relaxed, he lets it all hang out. As in hung like a horse. Since he's a gelding, it signifies nothing, but it makes for, er, lewd looking photos. "Come on, Nik. I'm trying to make you famous. Put Mr. Friendly away."

Horse with 'tude, indeed.


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