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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Puppy Tears

Tearless puppy shampoo.

How do they know that it's no tears, no sting? Not like you can ask puppies, eh? Also, it can't be a "cruelty-free" product since it must be tested on puppies. Or do they test it on babies? [wink]

The question arose while washing the Rat Dog. Her face and beard gets washed with puppy shampoo. The rest of her, I scrub with regular, "Not tested on animals," people shampoo. Well, I can assure the makers of said shampoo that it has now been tested on an animal. It leaves her coat fluffy and lusterous. (Works better on her hair than mine, actually.)

Rat Dog got revenge for bath by projectile vomiting on the couch.

Meanwhile, in the yard...

The Snake That Came to Breakfast (Click pic for closer view. Ah, come on, he's not venomous.)

We hope he stays for dinner. We're having a mouse problem. Although we've trapped and relocated several*, there are still some of the plague-spreading little beasties about. The roadrunners are catching a few, but any help Mr. Snake can offer will be appreciated.

(*Then stupid mice probably move into someone else's garage, where they are poisoned or killed in some other nasty manner. Oh, well, the blood isn't on my hands.)

This gopher snake was only about eighteen inches long, so he'd better watch out for hawks and maybe the roadrunners.

Did two critiques today to make up for NONE done last week. Starting back on plotting Book Two. Attention span is starting to wander off to other novel--romantic contemporary fantasy, aka, the Romance. Staying off Internet to make up for "lost week."

Happy Sunday,

Pat K.


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