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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Put One Foot over the Line and Lose It

Thank dog for Netflix and Xbox, which provide political-ad-free entertainment. I can't entirely avoid political ads, because each morning my beloved switches on the TV to watch the news.

This morning, as I was going about my morning chores, I heard an ad from Ben Ray Lujan's camp, featuring choice quotes from his opponent, Tom Mullins. (Mullins, being that special kind of crazy hypocrite who hates the government, all the while running for political office.)

Anyway, among Mullins's litany of lunacy--rants against Social Security and public education--was the charming notion that landmines are the solution to the illegal immigrant problem.

In the May 18 interview with KNMX radio in Las Vegas, N.M., Mullins says the U.S. could mine the border,...

And I thought, "Whadda ya bet, he's also vehemently anti-abortion?" So I moseyed over to his website. Yeppers, he is.

Tom is a pro-life Catholic conservative. The Constitution protects life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How can our government condone murder?

So Tom loves the little fetuses, all the little fetuses of the world. But those greasy, brown people who dare cross a line in the desert sand in search of a better life for themselves and their families? Not so much. Mr. Pro-life thinks the fitting punishment for besmirching our borders without the proper papeles should be dismemberment and death. Men, women, children, wildlife, and anything with enough heft to set off a mine is fair game for pro-life Mullins.

Of course, some of the brown horde are pregnant women--where else would we get Michelle Malkin's anchor babies? Perhaps Mullins thinks the mines can be trained to avoid eviscerating pregnant illegal immigrants? Or maybe he just doesn't give a shit. Or maybe Mullins, like Dexter the serial killer, has a flexible definition of "murder."

We could put land mines along the border. I know it sounds crazy.

Crazy? Nah. That's an insult to crazy people. The word you're looking for is "sociopathic."

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