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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whot I Lurnt at Pubic Shool

"Who was Stephen F Austin??? Why are shool is named after him"

That's the title of a posting at my high school's reunion page over at Facebook. It's just a cavalcade of sad. A little misspelled monument to the inadequacy of a Texas public school education. See? Ah canz spel "school."

Although I've professed a disinterest in these people, I nevertheless "liked" the reunion page, engaging in a combination of Schadenfreude and bewilderment. I really don't remember any of these people. And most of the postings and comments left there contain more typos than, uh, my spam box has ads for cheap Rolexes and male enhancement meds. "Typo" is generous, since most of the errors are probably unintentionally intentional.

Given the quality of discourse at the site, I'd say I'm sticking by my plan not to attend. As I noted before, my money is better spent on my favorite charity. Like, say, my Oreo Blizzards for Me fund.

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