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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

St. Paddy's in the Fall

Yeah, it's hopelessly out of season, but I stumbled on this at DeviantArt. Jelly sandwiches, nailed to the wall! The last panel is priceless. "Sit up straight or the devil will steal your backbone...and lash you with it for the rest of eternity."

As with all things on the Internet, DeviantArt is an on again, off again romance. I.e., I go through phases where I check it obsessively. And then I lose interest--Shiny Thing!--and wander off to something else.

At which point, posts pile up. Anyway, I'm just hitting some of the early 2010 art updates.

Lackadaisy is a webcomic filled with awesomeness, Prohibition Era hijinks, and cats.

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