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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Save Money, Eat a Politician

Dear New Mexican Republican Candidate for [some office]:

You claim that you will cut wasteful spending in state government.

If your campaign is any indication, the only kind of elimination of waste that you're familiar with takes place in the little boy's/girl's room.

Case in point. My husband and I are not registered with any political party. Here in Nuevo Mexico the term is "Declined to state."

Now pay attention.
I'll speak slowly and use small words.

In the lovely state of New Mexico, one must be registered with a political party to vote in a primary.

New Mexico has a "closed primary" system. You are only allowed to vote in the primary of the party under which you are registered. Registered Democrats may not vote in the Republican primary and vice versa. If you have registered as "independent" or "Green" or "Libertarian" or "Declined to State" or anything other than "Republican" or "Democratic", you cannot vote in this Primary, because none of the minor Parties are holding primaries this year.

Comprende? Me hace que no.

Ignoring the other glaring problem--husband critter and I wouldn't vote for you even if the only other candidate was a flesh eating virus--the fact is we can't vote in this election.

The Democrats get it. We've had no robo-calls from a single Dem candidate.

But the Republican candidates persist in wasting money and space on my answering machine.

Hardly bodes well for sound fiscal management.

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