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Friday, May 14, 2010

Leading Economic Indicators Say...

Once upon a time, in place not too far away, but with a far better economy, Old Navy ads were populated by happy, nubile, young people. The kind of super skinny, preternaturally beautiful people who exists largely to make most ordinary women in America feel obese and frumpy.

Then the economy sank like the Titanic, taking, apparently, doomed lovers and Old Navy's herd of skinny models. One day the models were gone, replaced by department store mannequins. Or, as Old Navy might say, Supermodelquins. The model's absence wasn't immediately obvious. Not if you don't pay much attention to ads anyway. There were subtle changes, like the fact that the mannequins were better actors.

But at any rate, the living, breathing spokespeople for Old Navy were gone. (This happened, coincidentally, at the same time the Geico gecko was squashed by an executive and replace with a stack of Monopoly money and plastic eyeballs.)

The economy was clearly in the toilet. I mean, how much money does it take to feed skinny supermodels? They eat what, like less than a Chihuahua dog? When the food bill for an anorexic spokesperson is too high, the company finances must be bleeding red.

So last night, husband critter and I are watching TV and lo and behold, it's an Old Navy commercial featuring spokespeople with a pulse. (Or not, since anyone that beautiful and skinny may be a vampire.)

The Geico gecko is back as well, un-flattened and still, inexplicably British.

The economy is looking up.

**(The gecko's name is Mallory? Seriously?)

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