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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hardly Working

It never fails to amuse me to hear a fellow working class schmuck opine, in defense of the rich (and against attempts to tax them) that, “The rich work haaard for their money.”

My first reaction is to say, “Really? And you don’t?” Or alternately, “Really? Paris Hilton works hard for her money?” (I’m also inclined to break into a rousing version of Donna Summer's “She Works Hard for the Money.”)

There is something pathological about trying to protect someone (rich CEO) who doesn’t give a shit about you and who would sell your children into slavery if it got him or her another yacht, at the expense of yourself. Which is pretty much what your average Joe is doing when protecting the rich from any "undue" tax burden. One can assume that this is driven by the fantasy that Joe will someday be uber rich, but it’s bat shit crazy all the same.

Anyway, Matt Taibbi says it so well.

Most of the work in this world completely sucks balls and the only reward most people get for their work is just barely enough money to survive, if that. The 95% of people out there who spend all day long shoveling the dogshit of life for subsistence wages are basically keeping things running just well enough so that David Brooks, me and the rest of that lucky 5% of mostly college-educated yuppies can live embarrassingly rewarding and interesting lives in which society throws gobs of money at us for pushing ideas around on paper (frequently, not even good ideas) and taking mutual-admiration-society business lunches in London and Paris and Las Vegas with our overpaid peers.

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