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Friday, August 04, 2006

Greasy, Gooey, Celebrity Guts

Oh, now this is priceless. I love the way his arms and legs go flying through Outer Space. Go Darth Vader!

Matthew McConaghy is one of those celeb guys who women are supposed to love. Hollywood slaps his smirking, pointy-chinned mug in every other movie. I loath the guy.

Another must-love guy I hate is Ty Pennington, the jittery host of the Extreme Home Makeover show. "But, women love him," sneers my husband. "Not this woman," says I.

What is up with his greasy, huge pored skin? My God, you could store Weapons of Mass Destruction in his pores. And the soul-patch, goatee thing? Ugh. Plus the guy is a bigger spazz than a two-year old on sugar. Crazy waves of hyperactive excitement radiate from his eyes like...well, just like Tom Cruise. And the budget for his hair gel must exceed the GNP of most third world countries.

Speaking of crazies: Mel Gibson is a anti-Semite and not a terribly subtle one. In Vino Veritas and all that.

The hubby and I were watching Access Hollywood (because the remote was across the room and neither could muster the energy to go get it). As expected, the coverage was all Mel, all the time.

The featured interviewee was a funny looking blond woman with eyes set too close together and thin, arching, painted on eyebrows. She insisted that Mel, at the booze-fest that preceeded the arrest, was "really nice" and she couldn't believe the same person acted so badly. Blink, blink, she stared into the camera, probably hoping some casting director would immediately decided she was the one person who could play the plucky heroine in an upcoming blockbuster.

Well, of course he was "nice," you ninny. You were kissing his ass (and anything else he left unattended), and were not trying to arrest him.

In local news...regarding recent rainfall, one of our weathermen was heard to say:

"It's hard to believe so much water could come from clouds."

Alas, science education in this country has hit an all-time low.

But, hey, IT'S FRIDAY.


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