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Friday, July 28, 2006


Flotsom and jetsom floating around my mind today.

How do wingnut fundies work the whole in vitro fertilization thing?

I mean, in the sex-obsessed culture of fundies, masturbation is a bad, bad thing. But in order to get all those little sperms into a cup, Big Daddy wingnut has to take a Playboy and retreat to the bathroom to spank the weasel.

Is there a "no wanking except in the case of in vitro fertilization" clause in the Bible?

"Oh, Kirby, once again you don't get it. The Bible is a living document that is interpreted to reflect the times."

Huh. Really? So why the obsession with the whole Leviticus, gay thing then? Still adhering to a strict interpretation of that bit of their living document, eh?


Busy weekend ahead, my mother is coming for a visit and the inlaws are also dropping in. Parental units everywhere.



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