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Friday, June 16, 2006

Proof Of Life

For anyone--read, Mom--needing proof that I am alive, regular posting has been shifted over to the Life Journal. Linky in the sidebar. (You can find it, Mom, it's not that hard to scroll down.)

I'll be posting regular sketches, scribbles and tracking my writing progress. Not necessarily interesting stuff, but necessary for my creative progress. I need a place to [semi-] publicly follow my progress without trying to, ahem, entertain.

My writing over here just got too, I dunno, "audience driven," and slurked up too much creative energy that should have gone to writing and drawing (the webcomic, fingers crossed). This doesn't mean I'll stop posting here, just that the focus, if you can call it that, will be the occasional rant and dribs and drabs about books I read, and what's growing in the garden. Intended audience, Mom and other unfortunates who know me. I may be funny, chances are I may downright nasty. [shrugs].

Have a marvelous weekend.



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