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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Starving Artist Labor

This morning I woke up in a cold sweat. More like a hot sweat, actually, because it's starting to get bloody hot and we haven't cranked up the old swamp cooler.

While laying in the dark, trying to squirm away from the scorching hot Rat Dog, who always has to be touching a human, I found a solution to that pesky illegal immigrant problem.

If "they" are taking our jobs, we should return the favor. Head on down to Mexico and get us some illegal employment. Top on my list of future careers: sombrero maker; velvet Elvis painting painter; and violinist in a mariachi band.

Still busy with stuff...this morning: vacuumed; washed dishes; (finally) painted the trim around the new wall oven and cabinets; beat the horse (no, not a euphemism for something nasty); did some gardening; and downloaded (phone line) some photos of the J-Man's latest gate commission.

Our buddy Kevin, who helped with the installation took this picture (I think you can "click and zoom," as usual). The gate is about nineteen feet across, all steel construction. After some trial and error, J-Man figured out a way to create a faux verdigris on the tree (motif) canopy. The property is full of huge trees, so this was designed to echo that.

It's installed on a property that is in the middle of major renovations, hence the garbage bin in the background. When he's done, the owner hopes to sell the house for more money than I will ever make in a lifetime.

Back to work.


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