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Friday, May 12, 2006

Save Network Neutrality

Save the Internet: Click here

Once again, demonstrating that the American government is a government for Big Business, by Big Business and of Big Business, Congress is about to vote on legislation which will cripple Internet commerce and innovation. The move is spearheaded by AT&T and BellSouth

In addition to using their financial capital to muscle their way into an Internet monopoly, AT&T and BellSouth are also breaking federal law by providing the NSA phone records of customers, without any form of due process.

Here are several ways you can act to preserve Network Neutrality, including signing a petition. SaveTheInternet.com is a nonpartison coalition, as evidenced by the member list.

Check here, to see if your representative is a sell-out. (To my surprise, NM-rep Heather Wilson, who I call The Devil's Handmaiden, isn't a sell-out. Whaddoya know?)

Thanks for speaking out.


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