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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pray For

On the national day of prayer, I'm burning incense and praying to my heathen gods for:

-A fully operational Death Star.

-A ten foot wall between mine and my neighbor's property with broken glass on top--Mexican security. Si, se puede.

-A real pool boy. (As opposed to imaginary pool boy.)

-To never have to see David Blaine again. Ever. I mean it. Evah.

-To see Kate Holmes, in a fit of post partum depression, beat Tom Cruise to death, cheered on by Brooke Shields. Dear God, I'd pay to see that.

-Properly functioning belts for all plumbers and other men with a "crack" problem.

-A team of illegal immigrant midget acrobats to clean my house.

-Legalized gay marriage, because with all the fundies' heads exploding, it would be like the Fourth of July.

-Real fireworks, the kind that can blow off fingers and take out an eye, not the wimpy crap like sparklers.

-A devine ass kicking for anyone who excuses the greed of corporate CEOs by saying, "But they deserve huge paychecks. They work hard for their money." What? And I don't? Fuck you.

-A phone that shoots an electric charge through the line, zapping any telemarketer that calls.

-"As Seen on TV" merchandise that actually does what it's supposed to.

-To not be so gullible and quit buying "As Seen on TV" informercial crap.

-That anyone who extolls the "good old days," i.e., the 50s, be transported back to the 50s, in the form of a Black man.

-My own island.

OMG! Anna Lucia is dead ("Lost")! D.E.A.D. Did the producers of the series get tired of bailing Michele Rodriguez out of jail?

And I love Hurley. I love any man that can make a "Say Anything" movie reference.

If you're feeling "toony," this week I'm reading the following most excellent web comics:
Errant Story (flying talking cats, elves and assassins.)
No Need for Bushido(I had a hard time getting into this from the beginning. So I read it backwards. I think the artist/writer just needed some time to get into the groove. Funny stuff.)
Sokora Refugees (Lots of gratuitous titties, if you like that sort of thing...ahem.)

And there is a new episode of Platinum Grit up (Jeremy does science), and the new Copper is wonderfully profound as always.



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