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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Like Mars

This blog is like Mars...barren and devoid of intelligent life.

(Actually, that's how I describe the next door neighbors' property.)

I have nothing to write...

Nothing of interest to a general audience, which describes the lack of updates. In truth, my brain overflows like a toilet, but I'm just to lazy to turn any of it into a coherent blog posting. Mostly, I want to yap about writing, but writing is boring. B.O.R.I.N.G.

Seriously. Is there anything more tedious than a writer babbling about their characters.? "Today, I'm struggling with Mary Sue's fear of cake. I know she is afraid because at her sixth birthday party, a midget clown jumped out of her cake. She can't stand the sight of cake and has spent thousands of dollars on therapy."

Zzzz. That's all that's in my brain, however. Okay, not Mary Sue and her pastry phobia, but characters, character and plot stuff, etc.

I spent yesterday writing the rest of a sex scene. I started it about two months ago and then left it, or perhaps the protagonists hanging. I suspect the hero is the most annoyed by the delay. Coitus interruptus is probably hardest (heh) on the guy.

Anyway, as of yesterday, they've done the deed. Now I can go back to making them miserable.

The Internet being a huge time blackhole, I'm still not doing much surfing. I'm actually contemplating switching over to an LJ format (where I can blather on about writing and be as dull and angsty as I want to be) and putting all my time into getting the webcomic going.

Uh, have a great Wednesday.


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