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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Branal Leakage

Six-thirty in the morning, and the woman in front of me, in her enormous SUV, is yapping on the cell phone. She's been at it for at least fifteen minutes. What, in the name of God's little green horse apples can anyone be talking about at six-thirty in the morning?

Last week we get a call from some grad school friends who are having a party at their home in Santa Fe. The J-Man asks what we should bring and is told some sort of "ethnic" food.

Ethnic? I heard J-Man say "Ethiopian?" and I imagined an empty plate. Heh.

The notion of ethnic food, naturally, was met with a slurry of racist humor at Chez Kirby. See, unlike some hypocrits, I will admit to dipping into the low, inappropriate end of the humor pool (Sometimes I pee in it.) when at home and away from prying eyes. That's why I find this LOL funny. "Funny, is this too," says Yoda. I totally dig the whole comic.

This Saturday the J-Man whipped up a plate of Carribean chicken and we headed off to our party. The next day was spent (sick and in the bathroom...kidding), at our booth at Art in the Park.

We sold a clock, a Mr. Moon, and two butterflies. The recently completed gate on Rio Grande is getting so much attention that J-Man's worried he might not be able to deal with the resulting workload. Sigh. It's either feast or famine for us artists types.

I spent Friday afternoon fixing my missing links (because link overpopulation is a serious problem...spay or neuter your links) and adding all my new comic "reads." Thus, blogged out, I disappeared for several days. Oh, vell.

Monday, yuck.


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