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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Aw, It's A Horsy!

I am utterly unmoved by [most] human babies. My own species doesn't trigger any maternal instincts. Kittens don't do much for me either. Puppies are cute, but for a serious SQUEE!, the winner is...

Baby Horses.

Kari over at uh, whatever she's calling her blog this week, has some serious cute going on. Color baby, neato. I just want to squeeze it. (And it would no doubt kick me with its sharp little hooves.)

My mother-in-law just dropped her mare off with a breeder for some serious stud loving. If the pregnancy takes (horses are hard to knock up and keep pregnant), all are hoping for a paint foal.
Baby Horses! Sigh. (I have some old Nikster the Wonder Horse baby pics. If they scan okay, I'll post one.)



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