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Monday, April 10, 2006

Shamed Self Promotion

I got the proof for my short story in the Modern Magic Anthology. The cool part is that each story in the collection, including mine, has an accompanying illustration. A small version of the illustration with my story is on the page for the anthology, here--currently the first example illustration, at the top. Although, it's hard to see on the small version on the website, the artist did a great job of capturing the major elements in the primary scene.

I've never had anyone convert my writing to imagery, so seeing the proof for the illustration was more squee-worthy than even seeing the text.

The anthology should be out April 25th.

The editor for another upcoming anthology--Beyond the Blackened Mirror--where I sold another story, posted the cover art. Despite being the dreaded-CG, it isn't half bad. No release date on that one yet.

Anyway, self-promotion done. Bored, moving on....
(Three posts in one day, in penance for blog absence.)


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