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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pass The Beans, Please

*Iraq is not free. How do I know? Because they have no boy bands. Boy bands are the canary in the freedom coal mine. Any country with even a modicum of democracy has produced a boy band. No "Bagdad Boyz," no freedom.

**Some Republicans have suggested that rather than illegal immigrants, it should be criminals who pick our produce. I say, "Great idea." I can't wait to see Tom DeLay and Abramoff in the fields, picking squash on a hot day in Texas. Maybe they could put little stickers on the vegetables. "Picked with love by H. Clinton."

**On the immigration issue, liberals and conservative bloggers both have a special penchant for stoopid. But wingnut Kaye Grogan (no link intentional) wins the golden rasberry for this:

“We are all immigrants” has just about run its course. Every country started with immigrants, and they would not put up with millions of Mexicans or any other nationality trying to invade and take over their territory — so why is America expected to take in everybody from rogue nations?

Mexico the "rogue nation." I.e., weapons of mass destruction = refried beans.

Ah yes, the Mexicans are taking over this country one digestive system at a time. Si, se puede.

**I'm zipping along a city street when all of a sudden the car herd slows and starts to lumber. Immediately, I start veering to the left and right, trying to see what's the problem. Eventually, the jam clears and I hop into the other lane.

The culprit is a plump man in a big car. He's practicing the time honored tradition of dicking around with something on the passenger side while driving. At the next stoplight, he doesn't even notice that the light has turned green. He's still sitting there, oblivious to people honking at him when I pass. On his bumper is a sticker: "Stop the War Machine."

Sure dude, but do you have to stop it now?

The cowgirl has nothing to do with anything. This blog was in need of a little color. I've been drawing cowgirls for one of J-Man's projects.

I've done no writing in several days, including at The Blog. I'm in an annoying state of manic which leads to no creativity, but lots of grunt work. I've cleared more brush then Bush on one of his Crawford Ranch vacations. The house is still a pit of despair, but the yard looks spiffy.



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