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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Comics, Angst And Stuff

Speaking of artistic interpretations of my fictional characters...

My recent version of Talis the dark elf is much fluffier than that created by the illustrator for Modern Magic anthology I mentioned yesterday. But the funny thing is, both versions work.

Cruising the web today in comic book land, I found this posting by Kazu Kibuishi regarding writer's angst. Kibuishi talks about those moments when writing is a bee-atch and you, the writer wonder how anybody can stand you. And then, you have a breakthrough and pages happen faster than a hungry dog gulping down dinner.

(In the same posting is a mention of "V for Vendetta," which, BTW, is a fah-bulous movie. Loved it. It seems that opinion of the movie is split along political lines, which is rather silly, since the movie is based on a comic book written decades ago about Margaret Thatcher's England. If the Repugs are taking offense, well...if the shoe fits.)

For my mom, who loves elephants, is this blog with some awesome elephant sketches. This one, featuring an illegal immigrant elephant is too cute.

Remember the animated feature film "Cars" that is supposed to coming out one of these days? The trailers don't impress much, but this posting--see comments--claims it's as good as "The Incredibles." Hmmm. Of course, the blogger could be biased, since he worked on the film.

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