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Friday, March 03, 2006

What Would Jesus Borrow?

On the morning commute...

A rust and blue paint-coloured pickup idles in front of me at at stop light. It's spewing burned motor oil out the exhaust and I switch the air circulation button on my car to lock out the stench. In addition to several Dallas Cowboys stickers, the truck's bumper plays host to a shiny new "JESUS IS THE ANSWER" sticker.

So, I wonder, if He is the answer, what is the question?

"He's the answer to EVERYTHING," say the Christians in the cheap seats.

Really? Okay. Here's a query. "Who takes all the mates to my socks?"


Ah. A Savior with a sock fetish.

Meanwhile in the news...
The J-Man's been bouncing up and down like a kid off his Ritalin, chirping, "Check out this site, check out this site."

The site, Bad Jocks is described as COPS meets SPORTSCENTER. I'd liken it more to Jerry Springer meets the Yellow Pages for ambulance-chasing lawyers. Scrolling down, I see headlines such as:

Chubby Cheerleading Coach Says She Was Drunk During Sex With Learning Disabled Boy, Still Gets Jail Time. To which I find myself humming the old Van Halen song, "Hot for Teacher."

Or there is this great headline: Female Victims Tells Cops That After Lady Coach Performed Oral Sex on Her She Could "See Busch Gardens From the Lot Where They Parked"

And in the "If you thought curling was boring, boy are you wrong" category. Man Wearing Nothing But a Rubber Chicken Interrupts Great Britain vs. United States Match for Bronze Medal. Links to pictures are on the streaker's own website.

Can you imagine the fun he had ripping off the tape that secured the rubber chicken?

Via Bad Jocks, I also found The Wedding Heckler, with the latest in marital un-bliss, including inter-species vows. Man Weds Goat in shotgun wedding.

Friday, hurray!


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