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Friday, March 31, 2006

Tell Me You Didn't Say That

Again, reiterating my point that the local media only finds the stupidest people to interview.

First there were the folks who were Rush Limbaugh's wet dream. I mean, Mushhead Limbaugh could have centered an entire show around this twits.

The scene: Students at Santa Fe's Capital High School were protesting the Administration's latest immigration legislation. Also on hand were a small group of students who supported the legislation.

The anti-legislation pro-immigration kids stood in herd, waving the Mexican flag and creating the sort of imagery that frightens "whitey." To represent them, the reporter chose a white kid with delusions of minority. Her vampire pale skin was made even more palid by her dyed black hair. A little Mexican flag was painted on her cheek. (Here's a hint, sweetie. Most of us Mexicans don't have black hair. Typically, we have really dark brown hair.) She made some sort of commentary about racism and the camera moved on to the "other side."

The anti-illegal immigration crowd comprised about six students waving an American flag. Their spokesperson? A Hispanic girl, at least a hundred pounds overweight, who wore an entire bottle of eyeliner. At least a eighth of an inch of black surrounded her eyes and she'd added the little line in the corner for that Asian look. Her English was close to unintelligible. Of illegal aliens, she said that, "They take our jobs and...

wait for it

"and our Welfare."

Yes, folks. She said "welfare." Illegal aliens are impeding her home-grown right to government assistance. **headdesk** Thud.

In another "news" segment, the reporter interviewed the grandmother of a young man accused of rape. The story: the boy, about seventeen, invited a twelve-year-old girl to his house where they had sex. He admitted to having sex with the girl. Remember this. He admitted it. But he said it was consensual, which is irrelevant, because it's still Statutory Rape.

Anyway, Grandma feels she needs to defend her horndog grandson. She explains that "he couldn't have done it" because...


"He's a star athlete and an honor student."

Because good grades and sports totally kill the sex drive.

Man, I couldn't make shit this good up.



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