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Monday, March 27, 2006

Proof of Geek

I'm embracing my true nature--geek--today.

Unfulfilling, dangerous, or unprofitable careers in The Lord of the Rings

*Bicycle messenger in Gondor
*Lord Denethor's (Steward of Gondor) shrink
*Plastic surgeon to the elves
*Dwarf bikini waxer and other hair removal
*Ax salesman to the Ents
*Sauron's optometrist
*Warg groomer.
*Fell beast pooper scooper
*Morgul Vale exterminator (think Shelob)
*Aragorn's dry cleaner (what gets out orc blood?)
*Jenny Craig weight loss center, now serving Hobbiton and the Shire
*Saruman's insurance company
*Window washer at Orthanc (Saruman's tower)
*Hobbit shoemaker
*Moria's lake cleaner
*Gollum's tailor
*An environmentalist in Mordor
*A logger in Lothlorien
*Child care provider for Orcs
*An Ent matchmaking service

*The poor saps that got stuck cleaning up after the Battle of Pelennor Fields. (Dead Oliphants, orcs, fell beasts, wargs and humans, oh my)

Monday? Not again.


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