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Friday, March 03, 2006

Love Lessons?

A scenario you'll never see in a romance novel.

A woman meets the perfect guy. He's tall, dark and handsome. He's kind to little children and puppies. The woman gets damp in her nethers every time she sees him.

So she takes him home for some sweet, sweet, loving. Nekkid, he's got it all going on, muscles build on muscles.

It goes downhill after that. His idea of foreplay is a couple of disinterested finger pokes and then he inserts his throbbing manhood in her tunnel of love. He gets where he's going in about a minute leaving her more disappointed than a Jehovah's Witness in a neighborhood full of "No solicitors" signs.

Romance heroes are always good in the bed. And frankly, why not? OTOH, it would be amusing if, just once, the hero didn't know his way around the female anatomy better than...a woman.

The hero in my current project is good with the loving because, frankly, I lack the courage and originality to have the guy fumble around in the dark. I like writing hot sex; it's fun.

Knowing that good sex is a given, my goal is to try and write two characters who should be together for reasons beyond happy genitalia. In other words, they have an old love from the instant they meet.

This unfortunately brings up the specter of "soul mates." The problem with soul mates is that like awesome sex, the concept is often used in romance novels as a lazy reason to justify a weak relationship. "They don't even like each other, are diametric opposites...but wait! They are drawn together by the tremendous dynamism of their ancient spiritual attraction."


I think rather than soul mates, "best friends with nekkid benefits" might be a better way to describe the kind of relationship I'm going for. Or, more accurately, what I have with my J-Man. I know some people go merrily through life married to someone who drives them crazy. But most of us mere mortals need a little peace in our life. I mean, ick, after a shitty day with the semi-humans who masquerade as co-workers, who wants to come home to a battle with the spouse? An old love is comfortable, like a well-broken in pair of jeans.

So the trick is to indicate that the two characters have that sort of connection and all the requisite, spicy new love stuff, and funny, smart dialogue.

While contemplating the matter, I spent part of Tuesday doodling a cartoony character sketch (above). Ironically, it turned out more adversarial than their actual relationship.

Any-hoo, my horse is still a wild thing and the novel not finished. I'm off...
Have a fan-tabulous weekend.


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