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Monday, March 13, 2006

Lasers On The Snow Speeder

Mother Nature apparently likes to torture horses.

In response to the longer days and warmer weather, Nikster the Wonder Horse started shedding his shaggy winter coat. So yesterday it snowed, leading to one, wet, and probably chilly horse.

The snow was nice for a couple of hours, fluffy powder piled in white mounds. Then about nine in the morning, the wind kicked up. Instead of the usual dust devils, we had snow devils. The sun got in the action and by noon all the snow had melted or been blown away. But the wind stuck around and it was absolutely miserable outside.

Trapped in the house, I dusted off my Star Wars Snow Speeder. ("My snow speeder!" protests the J-Man.) About a month ago, J-Man cleaned out the garage in preparation for a big commission project. He marched into the office with a Snow Speeder, Tie-Fighter and a Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper--childhood toys somehow mixed in with the detritus of several moves. All were filthy.

Me: "Cool. What are you going to do with them? You can't throw 'em out! I want them. Hang them from the ceiling for me."
Him: [Gives me the look.] "Fine. I'll hang them, but you have to clean them up."

So I spent Sunday morning removing dust, insect carapaces, mouse turds and speckles of roach shit from each little space machine. J-Man kept giving me The Look, as though I was crazy. (Well, crazy's a given, isn't it?) A big chunk of my time was spent gluing the loose decals and stickers on properly. Not only were most falling off, but they had been placed crookedly with a wobbly hand by a certain little boy, decades ago.

Around the time the ships started looking presentable, J-Man took a renewed interest. He held up the Tie Fighter. "You know it used to make a noise?" His eyes lit up. "I wonder if it still works?" He hurried off and returned with sandpaper to clean the battery contacts.

The Empire, it seems, is in a sorry state (budget cutbacks?) as only the little red light worked on the Tie Fighter. After some fiddling, J-Man got the laser noises and lights to work on the Snow Speeder. Alas, the harpoon is missing, so we will be in a sorry state if we encounter Emperial Walkers. One of the "little dudes" in the Snow Speeder is missing a hand and both his feet. I guess the grunts in the Rebellion weren't on the same hand-replacing health plan as Luke Skywalker. Remarkably, both little dudes still have their little plastic laser guns. Although the Tie Fighter has no lasers, its wings/foils pop off in a nice explodey manner.

J-Man spent a chunk of the day, harassing the dogs and me with his new-old toy, proving you can never take the boy out of the man. I'm rather annoyed with him, since it seems he misplaced the Millenium Falcon in a move. I woulda loved to play with Han Solo.

Any-way, Nikster, despite the cold was in a great mood this morning. To fuel him for the cold--he won't wear a blanket--he gets extra rations, more than adequate compensation for a little weather.

Monday, ick.



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