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Friday, March 24, 2006

Giving It To Granny

Well I'm off to the airport to watch the grannies get fondled.

Thanks to lackwit airport security regs, I can't wait for my de-planing passenger by the gate. Instead, I get to hover by the security screening area. There, I will be witness to untold abuses on the elderly.

I mean, who is it that always gets picked for the extra pat down and wand check? Not some swarthy fellow of Middle Eastern descent? Noo. That would be racial profiling. Instead, security will have a dowdy, blue-hair from the Midwest standing arms out, wand nearly up her ass.

Maybe it's the smell of cookies that attracts airport security. "We got a granny on line 3 and she smells like chocolate chip. Who wants her?" "Me, me, me!"

Ah, yes. "If Granny doesn't get felt up, the terrorists win." Or is it, "If Granny doesn't get to third base, the Baby Jesus cries"? I don't know. It's so hard to keep up with the rhetoric lately.

Yeah, well, I feel a hell of a lot safer knowing that security recognizes that under all the false charm and cookie-baking talent, lies the heart of a terrorist.


My mommy's coming up for a visit. The J-Man has found a project to work on that will conveniently keep him busy most of the weekend. Uh-huh.

Have a great weekend.


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