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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Don't Blink, You Might Miss It

*How to turn all the stop lights green on your commute.
Spill coffee (or tea) all over yourself and the car seat. No red lights, I gay-ron-tee.

*And why do people (read, men) insist on naming their children after themselves, i.e, John Doe Jr, or John Doe, III? Isn't it bad enough the poor kid gets your high cholesterol, beady eyes and weak chin? Do ya have to brand him with your name?

This being a short, speedy post because today is the busy day. First, I must dig through the pile of paperwork on my desk, burning, shredding, filing my way to the desk's surface. Then run home and give Nik his lunch, let the dogs out for a bathroom break, do another once over on a story critique and then zip across town to discuss writing. Fight rush hour traffic and home to my loving husband.

Hope your Hump Day is less hectic.



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