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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ah, The Places You'll Go

Since I don't blog for hits, I'm free to post all the crappy musings in my life without regard for quality. I don't pay much attention to most of my stats from this blog's sitemeter. I do, however, get a kick out of the sitemeter's listing of keywords that bring people to this blog. Today's keywords.

franklin barbie doll has tweety bird tattooed on her arm
Really? Cool. Barbie's got a tat!
sent a full manuscript to harlequin luna
Uh, yeah. Got the old "request to see more," followed by a "nice rejection." In case you were wondering.
prairie cornflower guide
You mean prairie coneflower, n'est pas?
wayne dyer limited edition pbs
I have no idea who Wayne Dyer is. Oooh. He's the dipshit PBS pulls out during pledge week. Yaps about self-actualization and such. Really, just get a life. It would be cheeper.
why does mr. echo cut his beard?
("Lost") Because the Chief of the Others needed the material for his beard.

My spam is getting even funnier. Yesterday I got one with the following subject line:
"A prestigious Swedish Investment company has a job/vacancy for you."

Hee. Doing what? Cooking their books?

Another choice subject: "Get improved sperm morphology." Sounds cool. First I need to get me some testes and a penis, no?

What kind of weird crap show up in your spam folder? What brings people to your blog?


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