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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What Is Stupid TV Rambling?

In the U.S.A., all cabs are driven by Middle Easterners.

So who drives the cabs in the Middle East?

I like watching Jeopardy. The history and literature clues flummox me, but I totally rawk at science and pop culture.

It's Wheel of Fortune that makes me feel like an eediot.

I'm not good at puzzles. I can work 'em out, but I'm slow. Meanwhile, the contestants, usually bubbly housewives with the IQ of a dead houseplant, will solve the puzzle straight away.

There'll be one letter on the board--N--and Ms. Bubbly will say, "Pat, I want to solve the puzzle. The answer is Titanium Nitrate." Ding-ding-ding, she's right.

Ever notice how the contestants on Wheel of Fortune are the whitest, white people, ever? Even if they're minorities? Pat Sajak goes through the "introduce yourself" section of the program and each contestant sounds like this:

"Well, Pat," says the contestant with a grin so broad you can see her tonsils, "I'm a housewife from Ensino. I have three lovely children and a wonderful husband."

Wouldn'tcha love to see somebody like this?

"Well, Pat," the contestant says through her two missing front teeth, each word punctuated by a little whistle, "I'm an unemployed stripper from Whitewater. I have five brats from five different men. This is my second time on television. The first was when I appeared on Montel Williams's 'Who's Your Daddy Extravaganza.' By the way, I'll be back on that show next month. Nobody in the first group of men was the daddy to my children. I think this time I'll test Montel.

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." She holds up her hand. "And I want to solve the puzzle. The answer is 'The Repo Man Cometh.'"

I'm totally obsessed with my current manuscript. Good for writing, bad for blogging. Also starting to draw panels for the webcomic. Busy, busy.

Have a great Wednesday.



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