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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday 'Tude

Titles of blog articles, yet unwritten...

*101 uses for a dead neighbor.

*Should liposuction be compulsory?

*Down with the matriarchy.

*Better living through arsenic.

*Eat the poor.

*Cat, it's what's for dinner.

*Raising midgets for fun and profit.

*Baby, the other white meat.

*Making a silk purse from a sow's ear, step-by-step instructions.

*Stem cell soup with cilantro and tomato.

*Everything I needed to know in life, I learned from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

*Humor for romance writers (or Boners are funny).

*Cheating at Clue and getting away with it.

*How to writer a bestseller: First, get an infinite number of typewriters and an infinite number of monkeys.

*Some days it's not worth gnawing through the straightjacket.

*I'm not skinny, I'm weight-deprived.

*Solidifying your moral high ground with random acts of violence.


Seriously. Does any romance novel ever address just how amusing the erect male organ can be? Nope. Studly McHero pulls down trou' and his magnificent shaft kuh-sproings from his groin, and the heroine swoons with lust at the sight.

Never, not once, does Mary Sue O'Virgo look at Studly's man meat and get a case of the giggles. "I'm sorry, Studly. But it's just so...eager. Snerk."



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