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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Mom

John Madden, how I loath thee.

I wandered into the living room last night, just in time to see Madden haul out his asinine light pen. I think he was making some stupid observation like "The quarterback is supposed to run with the ball." Wanted to reach through the television and shove the light pen up his nose. Squish, home lobotomy.

Super Bowl is pretty much a non-event in the Kirby household. The J-Man sat down to watch in order to garner his necessary "man points" for the year. Neither of us gives a rat's fuzzy ass about sports the rest of the year. I spent most of the time in the office, writing, only emerging to help cook dinner.

The few commercials I saw were okay. Went ga-ga over the Clydesdale's baby horse commercial. Squee! The big horses are helping the foal. Baby horse, squee!"

Cute commercials or not, Budweiser still tastes like piss.

Then Fabio [commercial] reared his ugly face:

ME: Ugh! It's Fabio. Retch, puke, gag.
J-MAN: But women love Fabio.
ME: Hate him.
J-MAN: It's the jaw, isn't it? The big, lantern jaw.
ME: He could crack walnuts with that jaw. He's like a living nutcracker. Yuck.

A game was played; somebody won; somebody lost. Really don't care.

The blond Wonder Woman is for my Mom, who is currently fighting City Hall. This is an amusing turn of events, since she is City Hall. In honour of my Mom getting uppity, standing up for truth, justice and what used to be the American way, she gets a Wonder Woman sketch.

Happy Monday.



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