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Sunday, February 05, 2006

State of the Kitchen

My canines are terrified.

The J-Man is in testosterone heaven, abusing the cabinetry with an air nailer. Blam, blam, blam! The Greyhound has put his long legs to use and fled to the bedroom. The Rat Dog is sitting on my lap, doing an impression of an annoying, shivering Chihuahua.

But progress has been made. As per a nagging phone call from Mom, here's a shot of the State of the Kitchen. The old range was unplugged and hauled away. (I wish, it's still in the garage. Anybody need an electric range?) In its place, is a new cabinet which holds the new stainless steel, gas cooktop. To do this, the entire countertop had to be replaced and the air is still sizzling from the cursewords that process created. Also new is the stainless steel hood above the cooktop.

The paint job isn't done and the cabinet drawers and doors are still missing. A lot of moulding and trim is still undone. And the next step in the process is to demolish the pantry (glorified closet) for the wall oven.

Meanwhile, I need doggie Prozac.



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