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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

<=Click image to enlarge cartoon. I suck at Valentines.

The second year the J-man and I were dating, I blew off Valentine's Day. "Guys don't care about Valentines," I reasoned. "Why bother?"

The J-Man went all out, as usual, and I was in terrible trouble. The next year rolls around and I, being the dimmest penny in the jar, blew off Valentine's Day. "Well, heck, he can't still be taking Valentine's seriously?"

Wrong. He came home, bearing some sort of thoughtful gift, the kind of gift that only happens because he actually listens to me babble all year. "Wow. Not even a card," he said.

Well, crap.

I've cleaned up my act in the decade that followed although I'm still Valentines-challenged. This year I think I did good. I forgot a card, but at least I got a gift. (So, uh, Honey, if you drop by today, the dragon toon is your card.)

This year J-Man got his revenge. He gave me a...cold. Sniffle.

Any-way, in the mood for luv, I've put on my cleanest T-shirt and sweatpants and switched to the Broadway station--playing love songs all day--on the satellite radio. Will be spending the rest of the day working on the current manuscript, a romantic fantasy. Awe.

Happy Heart Day!


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