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Thursday, February 16, 2006

BatGirl Meme

I hate it when my man messes with my tools.

Case in point, I was drawing Batgirl for the meme that floated around in LJ-Land about a month ago. (I'm always late to the party.) Basically, lots of people drew their interpretation of Batgirl. Here be lots of other Batgirlies.

If you are so inclined, you can draw a Batgirl and I'll post your link. (Stick figures are cool too.)

Anyway, I needed my compass to draw the dryer door. I'm a slob about everything except my art supplies. The J-Man, meanwhile, borrowed the compass and now my little circle maker (compass, not the J-Man) has vanished into the garage black hole.

After about a minute of searching I gave up and drew the lopsided door you see here. There's so much crap in our garage, you couldn't park a clown car in there.

The last time I tried to find anything in the garage, I caused a HAZMAT disaster. The only easy-to-reach light is a feeble little lightbulb in a dark corner. There's a bright flourescent light in the center of the garage, but you have to traverse a mountain of junk to reach it.

My ill-fated attempt to reach that light ended like this: I stomped in the dark, over unknown things that crunched and cracked under my feet (I pretended I was Godzilla in Tokyo), toward the light switch. I had almost had it when the thing under my feet tilted. Godzilla fell on her ass and something made a wet, slushing noise.

I gave up and opened the garage door. And no, this didn't shed much light on the matter, just enough to catch little motes of light on the oil spill I created.

Yep. I knocked over a big container of used motor oil. The garage was New Orleans and my clumsy feet made an oily Katrina.

Today, I'm waiting for the husband to come home, so I can whine and make him get my compass. No more safaris into the garage for me.



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