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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yeah, I Got Nothing

**Can an orphan go to a family restaurant?

** Why does the local news always find the stupidest person to interview?

"We're here in front of the remains of the trailer park which was ravaged by a gang of baboons. Here's an eyewitness. What did you see?"
PERSON ON THE STREET: [missing front teeth, wearing flip flops and sweatpants with the top rolled down, low-rise style]
"Well, uh, there were these monkeys, you know? And they were running around and throwing shit. No really, they were throwing shit. Anyways, uh, what was I talking about?"

**I swear every other woman I saw on the road today was driving under the influence of cell phone. The male ratio was more like one out of five. I bet every one of those guys was on the phone with a woman. They were driving under the influence of nagging:

"And don't forget to stop by the grocery store for milk. Are you listening to me?"
Anyway, I'm in a mood. The house is a mess again and the backyard is looking shabby. Maybe El Presidente would like to do some more brush clearing?

Happy Wednesday.


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